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What are the benefits of membership?

Here’s a snippet of just one of our Instructors bio’s.

Instructor Mike Roche:

While working as both a local cop and a federal agent, Mike Roche has spent three decades chasing bad guys and conducting behavioral assessments of stalkers and assassins. He is also an adjunct college instructor. He is the author of three fiction novels. The Blue Monster and Coins of Death are police procedurals and Karma! is a YA crime novel. He is also the author of two non-fiction books, Face 2 Face and Mass Killers.

For over 30 years, Mike Roche has used his communication skills to develop relationships from the gritty inner city, to boardrooms, to plush hotels. His ability to develop rapport and effectively communicate, depended on an integrative interpersonal communication system. Mike’s ability to read people and interact with them was vital to his safety, as well as those he was charged with protecting.

He is now an adjunct college instructor teaching Threat Assessments of Lone Shooters and…… (Click here to read the rest and see more Bio’s.)


What is the National Internal Affairs Investigators Association and What are the benefits of becoming a member?

NIAIA was formally created in 1986 in order to develop and establish professional standards of performance and integrity for Internal Affairs investigators; to provide training; foster professional growth and development; present a forum for discussion of common problems and current court decisions; to gather and disseminate information regarding improved administrative and technical practices; to assist law enforcement agencies in the founding and continued development of Internal Affairs Investigative units; to encourage law enforcement cooperation and an exchange of information and experience among Internal Affairs investigators.

Today’s NIAIA is a growing professional association including investigators from public safety agencies throughout the United States, Canada and now across the globe internationally.  We take great pride in delivering you the best available instruction during our annual conferences, raising the bar higher each year to assure that our members are getting the most relevant, up to date training from some of the top names in our field!

We secure fantastic quality rooms in attractive venues, yet we keep the rates as affordable as possible so that our members can be sure to attend, regardless of whether this investment in your career is being made personally or professionally.

As the NIAIA continues to grow and becomes an even more valuable tool to Internal Affairs Investigators across the globe, we look forward to having you as a contributing member of this fantastic group of law enforcement men and women.

What does it cost to join?

Annual N.I.A.I.A. membership dues are only $50.00 per department. Individual Memberships (for Retired Officers only) are $25.00 per year.

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